Yosef and the Yevanim

Michael Nachbar - 5768 Over the course of the stories that we read about Yosef Hatzaddik in last week’s and this week’s parshiot, we see a significant transition in his personality; he grows from an immature “youth,” as the Torah calls him in Vayeshev, to an adult and leader of a world power in this... Continue Reading →


Figure it Out

Rav Natanel Lebowitz - 5768 When I used to teach tefilla shiur, the number one difficulty that students encountered in tefilla was that they felt like they were having a one way relationship with Hashem. They argued that it was difficult to continually talk and not have anyone answer. Should Hashem just give them the... Continue Reading →

The Brothers’ Choice

Brian Cahn - 5768 In Parhsat Vayeishev, a simple question arises; who sold Yosef? This seemingly easy question alters our understanding of the story in its entirety. Before discussing the answer, it is imperative to attempt to explain the relationship/ conflict that ensued between Yosef and his brothers.  The conflict surfaces very early in the... Continue Reading →

My Missing Mother

Shmuli Zema - 5768 In Parshat Vayishlach (לה:ח) the pasuk states “Deborah, the wet nurse of Rebecca, died, and she was buried below the plateau; and he named it Allon-bachuth.” The next pasuk (לה:ט) then says, “And God appeared to Jacob again when he came from Paddan-aram, and He blessed him.” Based on these pesukim,... Continue Reading →

Higher and Higher

Scott Shulman - 5768 In this week’s parsha, we come across the following verse (32:30): “Then Jacob asked, and he said ‘Please tell me your name.’ And he (the angel) said ‘Why do you ask my name?’ And he (the angel) blessed him there.” Regarding this verse, one may ask several questions: Why did Jacob... Continue Reading →

Climbing the Spiritual Ladder

Jonathan Druckman - 5678 In Parshat Vayeitzei, Yaakov dreams about a ladder that stretches from earth to heaven, and which angels ascend and descend. Clearly, there is a lot of symbolism in this ladder. I would like to explore one possible meaning of the ladder, and how it applies to Yaakov in the parsha. Yaakov... Continue Reading →

Man on a Mission

Rav Natanel Lebowitz - 5768 After years of being unable to have a child, Rivka has a very difficult pregnancy. However, instead of seeking medical help, she goes to the religious leaders of the time for advice; she was confused not by the physical pain but rather by what she considered a religious anomaly. As... Continue Reading →

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